Friday, October 8, 2010


I wish I had better news to report. But I don't. It's not the worst.

I've been really good at tracking my food in SparkPeople's food tracker. I didn't yesterday - I was sick on the couch allllll day. Still don't feel great.

I also had a visiting chiropractor adjust me, and it was horrendous. I'm still in pain and I felt so violated. I cried the entire drive back home. So now all I want is Dr. Dan! He'll be home Tuesday though. I'm going to work on stretching until then.

Between that and the being sick, I haven't burned the cals or put in the fitness minutes. It's frustrating. I also haven't eaten the best, and that's my own fault. I need to organize/prioritize where my money will go this week and get some groceries. That's on the agenda for tonight.

I'm still dealing with my dad's death. It hits me at random times and it sucks. Sometimes I remember him after they pronounced him dead, and that is just the worst image ever and I wish I could erase it. But I can't. I try to focus on the good times/good pictures I have. It's just so hard, and I miss him.

I'm doing a sleep study next Saturday night. Hopefully we'll get some answers as to why I feel the way I do. Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


October is a big month for me, especially this year. I turn 30 on October 30th. It’s crazy! I still feel like I’m 17 and have my whole life ahead of me. I definitely am NOT where I thought I’d be. I didn’t want to live in Florida. I wanted to make enough money to live on. I wanted to be in a committed relationship. I wanted both of my parents to be alive…

That said, I’m not particularly unhappy with life. There are things I want to change; that’s for sure. So I’ve developed some goals I’m going to live and die by. OK, not die. J
·        Reach 204.0 lbs by 11-1-10*
·        Drink 8 cups of water every day
·        Track every single thing I eat
·        Burn 1,000 calories per week
·        Log 2,000 fitness minutes for the month of October
o   That’s 500 minutes per week

*I should state, I’d love to be at 199.9 or below by my birthday, but my goal is a realistic 204 by 11/1.

So there we go! Wish me luck!

Friday, September 24, 2010


I gave blood yesterday.

OK, so I try to give blood as often as I can, even though I absolutely hate the process, but who doesn't? My iron has been a little too low, so I wasn't sure. When my second reading came up at 12.6 I was excited! Then there was the fun of finding a vein. WOW what a bruise! They gave me apple juice... I poured it all down the front of me. It was really just a comedy of errors.

Thankfully, despite some wooziness, all went well, and there is now some extra A- blood in the world. Even though it's not fun, I highly recommend you give blood! Plus, the snacks at the end are groovy. Hehe. I had cheese and crackers.

This morning I ate a banana before my coffee. Not sure why, other than I was hungry and it was the perfect ripeness. But we'll see how that goes... the food first thing. I'm not sure what I'm having for my real breakfast yet. I'll probably make something when I get to my mom's. The last few days I haven't been fantastic with food OR exercize. I'm hoping the bloodwork my doctor took will give me some answers to how I'm feeling.

Off to another Friday. I'm thinking about calling them "Fitness Fridays." What do you think? And I'll do something different than my normal routine... Any ideas?


Wednesday, September 22, 2010



I'm Kim, I'm 29 years old—30 in 38 days—and I'm not healthy... yet.

I love reading food blogs. My favorites are and I've learned so much from these two blogs, that I decided to start one and post my progress for all to see. I'm not big enough to have followers or my own url, but I'm on this journey and you're welcome to come along.

I want my next 30 years to be better: healthy, active and happy. Better than my 20s. I want my house to feel like a home, I want to settle down, and I want to feel good. That's where this blog comes in.

Here I will talk about food, exercize, dogs, decorating my house and anything else that suits my fancy. Comments are always welcome!

Here's a little background on me:
I was born in Riverhead, NY in 1980. In 2005/2006 I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom (PCOS). I've chosen not to take medication for it, so I deal with the hirsutism and acanthosis nigricans, hoping they'll get better as I get healthier. I'm 4'11" and weigh 210 lbs., which makes me technically morbidly obese.

As I count down to 30, I'm making changes—setting up routines. And I'm going to post them for all of you. Who knows, maybe I'll end up like Kath and Anne (and maybe I'll even meet them!). Maybe Jillian Michaels will want to meet me. Maybe I'll be happy and healthy.

The possibilities are endless...